GFM Excavating Services

At GFM Enterprises, we pride ourselves on delivering top-notch excavating services tailored to the specific needs of both residential and commercial clients.

Our dedicated team is committed to providing a comprehensive range of excavation solutions, ensuring that each project is executed with precision and efficiency. Whether you’re a homeowner or a business owner, our services are designed to meet and exceed your expectations, ensuring that your excavation needs are met with the utmost expertise. From site preparation and grading to trenching and land clearing, GFM Enterprises is your trusted partner in delivering high-quality excavating services that align seamlessly with the unique requirements of every client.

Count on us to bring professionalism, reliability, and excellence to every aspect of your excavation project.



At GFM Enterprises Inc., we take pride in executing responsible, thorough, and considerate demolition services. Through meticulous planning and execution, our team ensures that each demolition project is carried out with precision, preventing the creation of unnecessary work and associated costs. With the right equipment and careful forethought, GFM Enterprises Inc. is dedicated to completing demolitions in a manner that not only saves you time but also contributes to significant cost savings. Choose us for demolition services done right the first time.



Stormwater runoff and melting snow constitute the primary contributor to water quality impairments in our lakes, ponds, and marine environments.

GFM Enterprises is well-equipped to assist you in the installation of effective drainage solutions and retention ponds, mitigating issues arising from stormwater and melting snow. Trust us to address these challenges and contribute to the preservation and enhancement of water quality in your environment.


Erosion Control

The inherent charm of the Outer Cape and Cape Cod landscape is a collective treasure we hold dear. At GFM Enterprises Inc., as locals deeply committed to preserving this natural beauty, we provide authentic Cape Cod solutions tailored to the region. Our offerings include proven techniques such as erosion fences, native plantings, natural landscaping, and locally sourced sand fill—all aimed at safeguarding the integrity of the land we cherish.

Sitework Cape Cod GFM Excavating

Residential & Commercial Septic Systems

Investing in a professionally installed septic system is an investment that pays dividends for both your family’s well-being and your financial stability. With GFM Enterprises Inc. and our extensive experience, you can trust that your septic system needs are in capable hands. We offer customized solutions for new constructions and ensure Title V compliance for renovation projects. Rely on us for a septic system that not only meets regulatory standards but also contributes to the long-term health of your household and your budget.

We are licensed in all Cape Cod towns for septic installations and our experience in septic system services is top of the line.


Residential & Commercial Roadways

Cape Cod’s climate and natural elements can take a toll on driveways, quickly causing issues like potholes and uneven surfaces due to rain, snow, and ice. Implementing proper grading for your road or driveway is essential to prevent this frustrating deterioration. GFM Enterprises Inc. recognizes the challenges posed by these conditions and is adept at tailoring solutions to address your specific needs, all while adhering to regulations such as National Seashore and Wetlands Protection. Count on us for customized solutions that withstand the harsh Cape Cod environment.

Earthwork Cape Cod GFM Excavating


With our comprehensive equipment, seasoned experience, and expert skills, we’re fully equipped to clear your job site of trees, underbrush, and stumps, preparing it meticulously for your upcoming project. No matter the scale of your sitework project, we offer competitive pricing and complimentary quotes to ensure your satisfaction.


Mobile Screening

Our premier Kleemann Mobiscreen mobile screening plant, designed to efficiently screen a wide variety of natural stone types in recycling applications. It excels at achieving diverse final grain sizes and handling various feed materials. Whether you’re tackling residential or commercial projects that involve clearing trees and underbrush from undeveloped land or creating on-site loam, our mobile screener is the perfect solution. Additionally, it’s available for rent, complete with a skilled crew member and machine, ensuring seamless execution of your projects. Reach out to us today!

Cape Cod Town Water Hookups

Water & Utility

Installing water and utilities through excavation demands meticulous attention to prevent damage to existing infrastructure while maneuvering heavy equipment. With our specialized equipment and extensive experience, we guarantee a safe excavation process for new or pre-existing water, drainage, and utilities, ensuring a seamless installation every time.

We are licensed in all Cape Cod towns for water mains, connections, and services.


Wastewater Treatment Plants

Commercial wastewater treatment plants have made it possible for apartments, subdivisions, motels, shopping centers, etc. to be constructed miles away from standard sewer lines. Treatment plants allow wastewater to go through a process that enables microscopic living organisms to transform into a clear odorless liquid. We help provide you with a solution that is economic with an environmental value:

  • Corrosion-free, reinforced concrete tank for durability
  • New property development, upgrading or replacing an existing system
  • Modular construction supports a broad range of plant sizes and phased commercial or residential developments

GFM is a fully licensed, insured, and bonded excavation company.

We take pride in delivering professional and cost-effective excavation services. Our expertise extends to both large and small projects, serving both residential and commercial clients.


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