Q: What is excavation in construction?
A: Excavating is anything to be done in the ground, usually within three types of excavation: digging a sewer line or a water line, a new septic system, or a building foundation. We excavate down to an elevation to install materials or piping for septic, water, electrical, etc.

Q: What is the best erosion control?
A: The best control depends on the scenario. Beach nourishment erosion control requires different methods than slope/water banks erosion control.

To control beach nourishment erosion, we would truck in sand and distribute on the beach to re-establish the original elevation.

To fix slope or a water bank erosion, we would use a biodegradable jute net, then plant seed either by hand or hydra seeding. The best results for erosion control for slopes would come from a 2:1 slope with either jute netting or a biodegradable blanket that is woven with seed to hold the banks back from washing out.

Q: What comes before demolition?
A: To complete a building demolition, a demolition permit is required from the town’s building inspector. That’s followed by demolition disconnects of water, electric, sewer, and gas. In some cases there may also be a need for an abatement to assure there’s no asbestos or other contaminants in the house (like lead paint). Then demolition can proceed. Post-demolition, the debris is then loaded into one of our trucks and brought to the proper disposal transfer station.

Q: What comes after demolition?
A: The last step in the demolition process is the cleanup. After demolition, we excavate for the proposed house’s foundation.

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